Wednesday, May 8: Sex Trafficking BUST & More News; Video Updates by Daniel Lee

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8 Life” in Florida, a sex trafficking program that may, or may not, still be in existence today. The 9 same people who built RatethatRescue, also built the slanderous site which is a direct attack 10 upon sex workers anonymous and Jody Williams personally at 11 12

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How Sex Trafficking Thrives in NYC: A Personal Story. "A person is guilty of sex trafficking if he or she intentionally. President Trump has asserted executive privilege on Wednesday, May.

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8 arrested in San Antonio human trafficking sting, 1 suspect still at large By Tyler White , / San Antonio Express-News Updated 5:19 pm CDT, Thursday, May 4, 2017

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The remaining 18 men arrested in the "Tri-Cities Net Nanny Operation" appeared in court Thursday. They’re accused of trying to arrange sex with children online.

Florida human trafficking ring, prostitution in massage parlors: The full story. Here are the details of the international human trafficking operation tied to prostitution in massage parlors in.

massive houston sex sting, prostitution bust leads to 250. – About Houston Chronicle;. Massive Houston sex sting, prostitution bust leads to 250+ arrests. and it is intended draw attention to the exploitive nature of the sex trafficking industry and.

The CEO of a Dallas-based adult website that generates millions of dollars annually from its classified sex ads has been arrested in Houston, according to texas attorney general Ken Paxton.

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Patrulla Fronteriza anuncia el traslado de migrantes de Texas a California  · Pero las autoridades informaron al público acerca del traslado de 1.000 migrantes de El Paso, Texas, a dos condados de la florida todos los meses para que sean procesados y liberados.